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Since the 1970s, our company has been planning and producing equipment in the field of zoo-technical application. we are specialised in the area of goat farming, in which field we hold certain patents, and the benefit of years of experience, which enable us to offer the maximum in assistance and advice consultation in feeding and alimentation systems, for both goats and cattle.

The principal objective of C.M.D. is that of offering the most competitive prices while still guaranteeing best quality of products. The strength of C.M.D. lies in its wide ranging variety of technical solutions, which renders the efforts of the breeder more secure, simpler and with maximum productivity. this is possible due to the years of study. design planning, experimentation and implementation.

C.M.D., while greeting all the operators in the market sector, the breeders and the farmers, wishes to thank all who have demonstrated an interest, and for all the numerous letters of positive feed-back we have received to date.

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